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* The current prototype is very short in terms of gameplay content, please keep this in mind while playing *

You are a young new witch who have just moved into this town where only other witches live. Here you can do errands for the local store witch or simply chat with the witches, perhaps even fall in love with them.

(UPDATE : 14/NOV/2016) :
* Player character does not act as "jumpy" when they hit an object; ok for most normal collisions but some "diagonal" collisions may still cause jumpiness.
* Fixed the glitch where running the game for the first time does not display the Player's name.
* Options menu in game now works.
* NPCs now reset to their default position after a new day.

** Current Game features : **
* Delivery Service to earn money/affection
* Simple Chats with the witches
* Special chats which boosts the witches affection

** Some planned features : **
* More witches which come with witch-specific mini games, such as potion making and broomstick racing
* The item shop actually working as an item shop so you can buy gifts for your beloved witch

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing


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Cute idea! I'm really looking forward to be able to buy thing or even maybe just go into buildings ?

Ever though about allowing players to change the touch mapping ?

And having to wait for the next day on real world time is a bit hard to be honest. Just launching the game for one delivery to get 5pts is sad. But don't worry that's not like mean criticizing or something, because I know doing it on your own is a hell lot of work so I'll really just start following you with hope to see more :3

It's pretty bare-bones right now, but it's very cute! Can't wait for more updates!

Thank you!!! It is pretty empty because it's only me working on it and I tried to release some content for the game jam. The next update might take a while since I have other projects but I plan for it to have more content (aka more things to do)!